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Welcome to VettuvaGounder.org

Vettuva Gounders are primarily from agricultural family background like other Gounders. They are the lineage of the devotional legend and Siva Bhakta Kannapa Nayanaar. Historic evidences confirm that they lived in Khalahasthi and places around during Kannapa Nayanaar’s days. Nowadays, most pockets of Vettuva Gounders live in Salem, Namakkal, Erode, Madurai, Karur, Trichy, Coimbatore and Thirunelveli districts. The Bhavanishakar constituency in Erode district has been represented by Vettuva Gounders for the past twenty five years.

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Free Vettuva Gounder Matrimony Service

Vettuva gounder Matrimony is a free service to our community to transform the community with longlasting Married life for the community people.

Sontham linking our community

Vettuva Gounder Organizations

Tamilnadu Vettuva Gounder Sangam.
Kongunadu Vettuva Gounder Youth Federation.
Kannapar Kalai Mandram.
Kannapar kalvi Arakkattalai.
Valvilori kalvi Arakkattalai.
Kongu VettuvaGounder Arakkattalai.